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You probably have a resume handy when searching for a job on- or offline. The resume is presenting you to companies and recruiters on a piece of (digital) paper and shows all you've ever done concerning past employment, education, skills and certifications you hold. For some, writing a resume is easy but they tend to "overdo" it. You might be really proud of your past record, but coming of cocky will most likely be a reason for a potential employer to turn you down.

Others just jot down whatever they did in an illogical order, the resume is poorly crafted or some even write a small booklet about everything they've ever done from birth till current date. Don't take this the wrong way, we at know that you most likely work better then you write. Writing a resume is a job on itself, you may know all about a Derrick or a Vessel Engine, but writing a killer resume is a whole other story.

We are offering a totally FREE service called the "Resume Critique". What we do is go over your resume and show you what could be improved, but also what to let out, edit and how to present yourself in the best possible way you can. This service isn't just for professional Maritime or Rig workers, if you're thinking about getting into the Oil & Gas jobfield as entry level employee, we might be able to help you "upgrade" your resume. This will show recruiters and employers what value you may offer even without prior experience. Instead of putting all the information into your past employment, we can direct their focus on your skills, motivation and intention. As you may know, proper motivation to work, is sometimes better than years of experience without actually willing to work.

A Professional Resume Critique will:
  • Tell you your resume is OK as it is.
  • Provide an honest, unbiased and independent appraisal of your current resume.
  • Show you, step by step, how to fix what might be improved.
  • You can get this critique FREE along with pointers, suggestions, examples and the kind of real personal support you would expect from a professional organization
This service is for anybody who wants to get into, or get back into, the oil and gas industry either onshore, offshore or in the maritime field. And if for any reason you find yourself confused or unable to edit your present resume, we are here to offer you our Professional Resume Rewrite Services.

You better make absolutely sure that your resume is all that it can be. There is no second chance for a good first impression, especially not on paper. Feel free to contact us and have us go over your resume. We will send you our Professional Critique within 48 hours and if needed you can ask us to rewrite your resume for you.

Send us your current resume now, and we'll get you started.
Offshore Rig and Oil Tanker
"Ron, in regards to the resume, totally awesome, it's easy to send out. well presented and looks very business like. I will recommend your service to anyone looking for work in the oil industry. Derek M (AUS)"
I sent the online resume to Danos and Curole and sent a follow-up email to them a week later. I received a call today, asking me to come in for an interview. George C (USA)
I got a confirmation from Schlumberger that my resume has been considered after evaluation. It's made available to the entire organization for any opportunities they have. Thanks Ron. Fawad (Pakistan)
Dear Cpt. Ron, Thanks for such an impressive resume. I was contacted by Aramark Offshore yesterday and scheduled for an interview this Thursday. Chris K (USA)
I gave the resume you wrote to a rig foreman and got a roustabout job the next day. Lucky go! I head to work on the island the 24th. John (USA)
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